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Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service - Monthly or Weekly Plan

Tiffin Service meal plan offers meals delivered to your home for a fixed monthly or weekly price. It includes home style and professionally cooked menu items.


We offer the most valuable monthly weekly plan in the town. The most variety that anyone can think of as part of the tiffin service.


How does tiffin service plan work?

We deliver the meals (lunch / Dinner) for 2 days to your home or to a store closer to your home so that you may pick up form that store. We deliver to many parts of the town in Vancouver Downtown, Vancouver other areas, UBC, Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond.

We also offer once a week or twice a week plan as well. We have a very flexible and you could negotiate the frequency, menu, and the time of delivery.


 How much does tiffin service plan cost?

The cost of our tiffin service for the monthly (weekly) plan depends on the menu, the delivery frequency, and the area you are located in. Feel free email us to for more details.


What is the menu of tiffin service for the monthly (weekly) plan?

We have the best selection of menu. Over 50 items; the menu includes North Indian, South Indian, Ceylon, Indian Chinese and Western. For example, Korma, Tikka, Vindaloo, Palak Sauces, Idli, Oothappam, String Hopper (Idiyappam), Pittu, Kothu Parotta, Manchurian, Noodles, Fried rice, Pasta, Sandwiches and Salads. It also includes appetizers and desserts from various cuisines. How about tasting curry buns, cakes, and chocolate brownies?


What does the food of tiffin service taste like?

Our food of tiffin service for monthly plan is a combination of home style cooking and professional commercial style cooking. Certain items are prepared just like home food by elderly ladies and some are prepared just like in a restaurant. You never get bored. Professional cooks working with an open mind to provide the healthy option without compromising the quality and taste.


We also offer healthy options such as using red rice, gluten free (some menu items) and cooking without preservatives.


What is different from other tiffin service providers?

So many obvious differences between our tiffin service and other tiffin service providers. Most of our clients have used other monthly (or tiffin service) food service providers before switching to us.


1. Certified Facility and Staff: All items are prepared and cooked at a commercial Fraser health approved restaurant by staff who are certified in food safety. We do not cook at home. You are most welcome to visit our restaurant.


2. Menu Variety: The variety of many items from the menu, every cuisine (South Indian, North Indian, Sri Lankan and Indo-Chinese). Veg and Non-Veg with Healthy options for an affordable price.


3. Flexible Payment: You may pay weekly; you may skip a week or two. No contracts providing you the flexibility.


4. Pickup or Delivery Option: Even if you are not at home; you may be able to pick up from one of our pickup stores in your area. Therefore, no need to rush to get the delivery or need not worried about unattended delivery.


5. Quantity and Quality: Our quantity is much larger in volume and some of the clients share with their roommates and friends. We have clients requested to deliver less, not the other way.


Who are the clients of our tiffin service?

Professionals – Students – Seniors - Families


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